9 Photos Of Very Ugly Fish

Sure, most fish look the same broiled, fried or baked on your plate with a parsley garnish, but before that fish landed in the kitchen it had a swimming life and, for some, an unbelievably ugly existence. Some worse than others.

Have you ever been in one of those older furniture stores where there is all kinds of weird looking things? We have one of those near where I live, and I’m pretty sure that I have seen that big toothy fish in there before…

4 thoughts on “9 Photos Of Very Ugly Fish”

  1. There are lots of things “ugly” that mother nature has come up with like the kinds of fish we see around, but they have some use in one way or another to balance the world’s natural eco-system. Imagine a world where all things are “beautiful”, wouldn’t that be monotonous? Anyway, there wouldn’t be beautiful if there weren’t ugly. What will be one’s point of comparison if all things would look the same, whether they be all ugly or they be all beautiful?

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