Can You Turn Off Your Gay?

I had an interesting thought recently that I am sure will spark some debate.

There are two main opinions on homosexuality.

1. Being gay is a choice.
2. Being gay is a biological fact caused by genes when you are conceived.

If number one is true, then being gay is a choice and Fred Phelps has bested us all… what a dark day for humanity that would be.

If number two is true then I am sure that one day we will discover which gene it is that causes homosexuality, and also how to ‘turn it off’ with gene therapy. (Much in the way we hope to be able to ‘turn off’ cancer genes someday – not that I’m comparing being gay to cancer.)

This, I’m sure, would be a HUGE deal. On one hand there is nothing wrong with gay people or being gay, and it would be committing social genocide. The gay culture of the world would be eradicated permanently. No more childhood insults on the playground, no more coming out of the closet, no more rainbow coalitions. Back to spending money on more important things, like baby clothes.  I’m not sure, but it may be the first time in human history that an entire culture has been wiped off the map, down to the last individual, within a few generations.

On the other hand, this culture came about from faulty biological construction… (This assumes that natural forces compel people to reproduce. A pretty logical conclusion) which alters a mindset of an individual, making them incapable of thinking clearly on the subject of sexuality. Shouldn’t this biological failing be cured by ‘fixing’ the genetic defects?

I’m not taking a side in this, just voicing two different opinions. I can’t come down on either one fully, but I’m leaning towards number 2 – even if you let people choose whether or not to accept therapy – and they most assuredly should get that choice – without the ability to reproduce and pass on their ‘flawed genes’ the gay culture would be destroyed in a few generations.

Has anyone else thought about this, or does anyone else have any opinions the matter or on whether any one side is ‘right’?

14 thoughts on “Can You Turn Off Your Gay?”

  1. Sexuality is not an either/or choice. There are both genetic and environmental factors that contribute.

    Also ‘flawed genes’ is a mis-statement. It’s the combination of genes and plasticity in the environment that make up a person.

  2. I do think it is a trait that is with a person since birth. I don’t know if I’d say it was biological or even genetic. And I also don’t know that it is changeable (although there are those who will argue it can be). I’m friends with many homosexual people and I’ve asked lots of questions over the years. Are there gay people who can live a lie because they don’t want to be true to themselves or a social outcast? Yep and I know a few of those people too. One guy is married with three kids – when his wife is out of town, he’s at the local gay bar, hooking up.

    I don’t think gay people can be anymore straight than us straight people could “will” ourselves to be gay. Think about a society (one that wouldn’t last long, but humor me here) where being straight is a social stigma. A person born into that society who identified themselves as straight would have a hard time fitting in, but could that person “turn” gay to be more socially acceptable? I don’t think so. I think a person can fake it, either way, but what’s in their true heart really can’t be permanently changed.

    I don’t think that made a bit of sense, but I have researched this very topic for a class assignment and I’m trying to condense that research here in a truncated form.

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  3. I believe it’s a trait, not a choice. I also believe that while some things are worth messing with (like turning off the cancer gene) that nothing comes without a price, and part of a person’s personality shouldn’t be messed with unless it’s their choice.

    Kyras last blog post..On Track

  4. Being gay is not a choice that can be turned off.

    In other news I heard Chicago is working on opening a gay friendly high school to help gays feel more welcome. I think this idea is moving backwards. it seems more like segregation than making them feel comfortable.

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  5. Wow. I come here for the funny. Not the heavy. Shithead.

    In other news…I do think that homosexuality is a genetic trait, that can possibly also be influenced by environment and proclivities. But then, what do I know? I’m a hetereo who gets lady wood watching Crystals video.

    Stephanies last blog post..Tired.

  6. Keith – I think flawed would be a proper term. It a natural thing for the human animal to want to reproduce. Same sexes just can’t do that.

    ETW – I work with a man who is secretly gay. He is married and has 4 kids. But as you said, when the wife is out of town…. (why he chose to confide this in me, I have no idea….but it makes me feel good knowing that he trusts me.)

    Kyra – I agree. I too believe that it is a trait.

    Paunchiness – It may be able to be turned off, with proper gene therapy.

    Stephanie – I can’t always be funny. I have to write real shit also…sometimes. Shittierhead. And if you didn’t like this post, you should probably not check in on Monday then. It’s a re-work of a few past posts about certain goings-on in West Virginia. There will be videos though, in case you are interested.

  7. Dammit Buck…there ya go, tryin to make people ‘think’…wtf??? 😉

    Sheesh…if Stephanie thinks this is ‘heavy’ then I wonder what she thinks about the news or whats in the paper?

    I think it’s a trait and I don’t believe its influenced by any outside sources. We are what we are.

  8. All the comments above are gay! Honestly, its like when I go to the park late at night and all those guys are giving me blowjobs — what is up with those queers?!!! Once again, I kid because I love. Not gay love — not that there is anything wrong with that. OK – it’s official – I have to get of the internet – too drunk to type. All the best Bucky – I’ve seen pictures and I KNOW you don’t turn off gays — you turn them ON!


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  9. Sorry Steph….one thing that sucks w/ ‘typing’ is that you can’t hear the ‘tone’ in which it was typed.

  10. It’s not a choice and you can’t turn it off nor ‘pray the gay away’.

    This is the singular inherent flaw in the opinion of anti-gay rhetoric. A fact that they refuse to concede. Our country is moving forward and over time, this will be an issue like segregation where 99% of the country has progressed while 1% complain and bicker about ‘the kids’.

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