Do You Tip The Pizza Delivery Guy?

I don’t order pizza that often, and nowadays, every pizza joint seems to have these online ordering deals to simplify the process. I use my debit card, and everything works great. I hate having cash on me, so this works out well.

Tonight, a guy delivered my pizza, even picked my paper up out of the driveway when he came in, and for the first time, I wondered if I should be tipping.

Now, when I go to a restaurant and sit down, I start my server out with with their 15% percent, if the service is great, average, or shitty, I adjust that 15% accordingly.

Tonight, the pizza guy had a somewhat blank like stare on his face when I grabbed my pizza and just said thanks. Should I be tipping pizza delivery dudes?


I noticed on my receipt that they charge a delivery fee, so I figured I was cool. When I got my physical receipt though, it said, “Driver gratuity not included.” It seems they expect people to tip drivers.

I don’t know, just curious to what everyone else thinks.