DNS – OpenDNS and why you need it.

DNSOpenDNS is faster

Most DNS servers on the [tag]Internet[/tag] are slow. Your computer uses [tag]DNS[/tag] to lookup an address every time you visit a website or send an email, so you want DNS to be blazing fast. Two things make DNS really fast: a big [tag]cache[/tag] and a good [tag]network[/tag]. We have both.

OpenDNS is safer

OpenDNS can identify and stop sites trying to phish (steal) your personal information or money. The [tag]OpenDNS[/tag] [tag]phishing[/tag] protection works with all operating systems and browsers, and complements any other security measures already in use, such as a firewall and anti-virus software.

OpenDNS is smarter

We make corrections for common spelling mistakes, on the fly. That means when you are typing fast and type yahoo.cmo instead of yahoo.com you still get there.

Other benefits of OpenDNS

OpenDNS service is free. OpenDNS makes money by serving clearly labeled advertisements on search results pages where we cannot resolve your intent (i.e., not a known typo).

There is no software to install, so no switching cost and no lock-in. OpenDNS is easy to start using. We’re confident you will prefer our service, but it’s easy to return to your old settings.

OpenDNS is not an ISP or web host or registrar. We’re not ICANN. OpenDNS doesn’t proxy or monitor the websites you go to.

Why not make the switch to OpenDNS today?

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