Fish Meat?

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I overheard two co-workers talking earlier. Their conversation went something like this:

#1) Lets go to the all you can eat seafood buffet for lunch
#2 I don’t eat meat.
#1) Fish isn’t meat.
#2) Then what is it?
#1) It’s Fish!

WTF!? I don’t understand this argument at all. How isn’t fish meat? The way I see it, anything which could be considered ‘flesh’ is meat. I really don’t understand how people can rationalize not eating, say, chicken or beef while eating fish.

So what do you think? Meat or not?

7 thoughts on “Fish Meat?”

  1. It is a pretty ridiculous distinction to make for moral reasons; however, “meat” has come to mean “red meat,” as opposed to poultry and fish. Yeah, it’s all animal flesh, but it’s put into different classifications because taste/texture similarities.

    For health reasons, it makes sense to eat fish but not other meats. But arguing about whether or not it’s “meat” is silly.

  2. @ Tim – Good question

    @ Liz – I agree, but I think the human body needs some red meat to thrive. Well, mine does. 🙂

  3. #1 is clearly a Catholic.

    As a red-blooded American, I suspect Catholic infiltration and reprisal against any blog that disses the fish. Yet, Catholics are the warmest, most family oriented people I have ever met outside Episcopalia.

    So why would good Catholics suggest anything other than corn-fed USDA Prime?

    Did the Pope speak out against Choice, Select, Standard, Commercial, Utility, Cutter and Canner? No. But he never denounced Prime, either.

    Maybe it was Friday (or is it Wednesday for fish, or is that Bingo?)

    Yes, fish is acceptable – once a week if you ask the Pope – and sure, the rest of us may be going to Hell on a Tartar-sauce slide, be at least we found our own way there.

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