11 thoughts on “For Those Of You Who Like Beer”

  1. Believe it.
    Females take birth control pills, pee the estrogenes out, which infiltrate (seep in) the ground-water, which is used for brewing beer.

  2. Tareq… I really hope you were being sarcastic.
    Because…. that was the point of the article. The fact that it was a joke.

  3. This is the stupidest article i have ever read, anyone who believes it is equally as stupid. Those are not signs of becoming feminine, those are signs of becoming drunk. I bet a guy wrote this article. Man i cant believe humanity! bunch of idiots.

  4. ainsley…

    this article is a joke…
    the author was just pointing out stereotypical feminine “flaws” and equating them with being drunk.
    the men had 6 pints of beer in one hour.
    this wasn’t a “scientific study” it was a humorous look at our society.

    the final line of your post is also humorous because by taking the article seriously, you have fallen into the very category of humanity you were trying to isolate yourself from.
    please, do yourself a favor and take your own advice: don’t take it seriously.


  5. what was that part about thinking rationally? I think ainsley just proved a point here. Stereotypes don’t come from nowhere.

  6. I think joke is offensive and reinforces stereotypes of women that are harmful to both men and women. I’m sure we can do better… We don’t need to act like neanderthals, or do we?

    It doesn’t matter if it is meant to be only a joke, the joke still reinforces stereotypes we, men, use to dominate and abuse women. I don’t think the author was trying to humiliate women or preserve male privileges consciously, or that everyone who laughs is a horrible person, but even if we mean no harm, we can still do harm.

    I don’t mean to attack anyone with this comment, nor start a flamewar. I leave it just as a thought, maybe others find it interesting.

  7. @Noel –
    What humanity in general needs is to be less sensitive to specific actions and more sensitive to intentions.

    If you mean to harm me, I take offense. If you don’t mean to harm me, no reason other than bruised pride would lead me to take offense.

    The article is a joke intended to bring merriment and poke fun at societal gender-based norms of acceptable behavior by putting them into a novel context. It’s really only harmful if you interpret it as such.

  8. noel, I disagree, I think it is better to laugh at stereotypes than to give them power by making them taboo. Also, the humor in this joke is not really built upon stereotypes, but by misdirection and an odd pairing of motifs

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