Hotdogs: Do You Eat Them?

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What is in a hot dog?

What is “variety meats”? Why that’s a response to the governments requirement that ingredients be disclosed on the label of food products, of course. The reality is probably not a mystery: everything from choice meat that didn’t make the cut to things that one would not even want to be in the same room with normally. And then there’s sodium nitrate. That wonderful preservative that’s been linked to cancer. Oh, and don’t forget MSG.

Do you eat hot dogs? Why? Why not?

I eat them, but I think that it’s mandatory to do so if you live in West Virginia.

8 thoughts on “Hotdogs: Do You Eat Them?”

  1. I eat hot dogs once in a while… I heard that the average American eats 65 hot dogs a year, a little over one per week. I certainly am not contributing to that statistic, but consider the competitive eaters who might eat that many in a single sitting. Here in Maine we have red hot dogs, and I still haven’t been able to force myself to try one. They don’t even look like food.

  2. I enjoy a hot dog every once in a while. I think the biggest health concern is the sodium, but one every once in a while is nice.

  3. keydetpiper – 65 per year?! Wow…

    Tim – I love slaw on my hot dogs.

    Stephanie – Nice Stephanie…nice

    Liz – Not just the sodium, what the hell are they made of? I would love to see a documentary on this.

  4. We get the all-beef (thank you Hebrew National – answering to a higher power and all that jazz) or the nitrate/nitrite free dogs. Plus? Chili and slaw all the way baby! Slaw must be a WV thing. 🙂 And one hot dog a week. Nope. Not here. More like two hot dogs a month.

    Coal Miner’s Granddaughters last blog post..The Monsters In My Mind

  5. Yikes, I am glad I don’t eat hot dogs very often. I probably consume about 10 a year while I am camping, but thats about it. I once had a coworker that got 1 everyday from the hot dog stand. Can’t imagine what that does to the body…

  6. CMG – When we get them, we get the all beef franks also. But what part of the beef are they made from? Lips, tongue, and tonsils?

    Justin – 1 hotdog per day? Ugh. I can’t even imagine eating one every week!

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