How Much Is Pot Worth Nowdays?

I was watching the news over the weekend, and some cops found a bumper crop of marijuana. They estimated that there were 1,000 plants, and valued them at over $1,000,000 dollars.

I haven’t bought pot since my stoner years, so I’m not up to date on todays prices. If plants are worth that much, then I may have to start a new profession.

Can anyone lend me their pot buying expertise… or, at least what “their friends” have told them?

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  1. It’s been years since I’ve had any personal experience with weed. It’s not my thing (makes me paranoid). But, I think it’s always been a lucrative endeavor. Of course, you have to weigh the risk of being caught. I think it should be legalized – which would bring the price down, too, most likely. I’d rather be on the road with a high driver than a drunk driver.

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  2. LOL@ “high driver” vs. “drunk driver”…but the truth is, she’s right!! Of course, I’m also out of touch with today’s prices, but I’d have to assume that a 1985 dime bag would probably be like a 2008 dollar bag today. “Dollar bag”. Jesus, I’m old.

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  3. ETW – I agree with the high driver vs. drunk driver. I would rather everyone just be sober when driving, but that will never happen.

    Laura – I’ve heard of “dime bags” but never a “dollar bag”.

    Canuck – It does seem a bit high. You know how the media is.

    Efen – For 1/8 of an ounce?! Wow. Back in “the day” I could get 1/4 for that price. I mean… I know a guy..

  4. I got nothin’. Although, my father had a ziploc bag full of marijuana seeds from his days as a cop. Why did he keep said seeds in his sock drawer? I don’t think I want to know. Unfortunately, they’re long gone.

    Lemme know if you need someone to buy in to your new business. 🙂

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  5. I’m over here laughing… I’m thinking of the druggie pushing his “dollar menu” on someone. LOL. Back in high school (I graduated in 1986), you could buy a joint/doobie for about $2. Of course, then you had to think about how much slobbering and licking the person did to it prior to the purchase. Thank goodness I preferred ill-gotten hooch and other more unsavory drugs in my youth.

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  6. I quit that shit about 20 years ago. All it did was make my hungry and sleepy. Not needing another reason for my epic ass to expand, I gave it up.

    I never bought it for myself, so I can’t help you on the cost.

    (My dad was the supplier for the entire town I lived in, lol…..i stole what I wanted)

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    1. In los angeles ounce of “kush” which is one of the highest grades of marijuana is worth $350 an ounce.& a pound is worth $4500. Who said money don’t grow in trees

  7. CMG – Maybe your father was just getting prepared for another recession or something. Ya never know when you might need to plant those seeds!

    ETW – By Hooch, you are referring to moonshine, I presume?

    Stephanie – Your dad was the supplier? So, you may be the best one to answer my question. Is there good money in “the biz”?

  8. Nowadays, if you have any friends that have connections with dealers, it is usually priced around $20 for a gram of decent bud. $50 can get you an eighth. This is coming from the Jersey shore btw.

  9. man idk what you all are talking about. It all gets weighed in grams and scales now, way more advance than 1985. Its an 1/8 (or a slice) for 35-40 i believe it weighs out at 3.5 on the scale. um half ounce is usually between 100-120 depending on who you know. and an ounce or good shit is almost always 220.

  10. According to pothead friends weed goes for 200 to 500 an ounce depending of quality. But all of them always say that whenever the police announce values it is always waaaaay overestimated.

  11. dude, what? weed is not that expensive. cops do way over estimate it if those are the kinda prices they’re slingin’ out… a dime bag (2 grams) is 10$, a dub (4 grams) is 20, and so forth and so on. it’s 5$ a gram if you get some mid, and if you get stuff like kush or something THEN the price goes up. but that’s still gotta be some fire bud to be like 300 an ounce. around where i am it’s 120$ roughly for an ounce, and that’s gettin’ the good shit. idk what y’all are smokin’ on if y’all are paying 200-500, but send ME some of that. oh yeah everywhere “me” or “i” is located, or even “us” and “we” if there are some of those in there, replace it with my friends.



  12. Coming from a guy in high school, if you talk to the person who grows it costs 5 a gram for straight up weed. If you have to go through a few people it might go up to 15 a gram MAYBE. If you go for purp,kush, white rhino, or train wreck it goes up to 10 a gram, except purp or kush which can go as high as 10 per half gram depending on quality.

  13. over here in CALIFORNIA…where bud is legal and the best in the world we sell a dub(twenty) with 1.4 g’s. or 10 dollar grams at best. eighths are 35-50. and you can get a quarter for 80 at best.

    BUT>… if this is from the club..aka the cannabis club, 12 dollar grams multiplied by how many you want. and they have a great variety of edibles and my personal favorite THC lip balm

  14. Yo g66 you been smokin mids too much? A dime is 10$ a dub is 20$ a dime is half a gram and a dub is a gram. Get off the miss bro. And make sure your shit isn’t laced

  15. There are legal alternatives to “pot” that have been shown to be just as effective. They are natural and herbal ….and have been used by various tribes for centuries. They also are base products for many Asian remedies which further attests to their euphoric effects. Also, thanks for using the plugin….need more people to use them.
    Just my $0.02
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  16. WAAAAAAy off here a $5 gram $10 dime(2 grams) $20 dub(4 grams) $25 quarters(5 grams) etc u guyz are way over payin 4 pot. u should quit listing to these collage kids with there Kush shit cuz ur payin big $$ 4 reggie hell i could get purp 4 $5 a blunt no fuckin weeds worth more than $5 a gram if u pay more than that than u need rehab cuz ur fuckin retarded o.0

  17. Well I can get a dime for $10. Thats the set price round here (Philadelphia) anyway the dimes round here are bout 1.0-1.8 depends on the person. I can get a 1/2 ounce for 55 and a ounce for 100. Shits cheap round here cuz fuck near everybody got some here,

  18. in atl ‘regular’ aka mids is 600-1300 a lb . kush, purp is 20-25 a gram. unless you know someone. if you buy a lb 4-7 grand, depending on how much bulk u get. in the 70s 80s pot was 1\4 potent, no kush (hydro) so of course it was cheap you get what you pay for! i didn’t even mention ‘dro’ aka beasters aka BC bud. its 10 a gram. nowadays there’s so many different types, strands of bud and where you live places a huge impact. if it’s legal where you live, price drops dramatically. think about it bud from cali to north carolina or any east coast state costs more currently . pot will be legalised in all 50 states within 10 years. california would be bankrupt if not for pot. legalize it and our nations debt will decrease , and some ppl need pot. my grandma had cancer and couldn’t eat without drinking pot tea. so those who truly need pot have a right to consume …..or if u have a medical marijuana card. pot is potent and keeps increasing

  19. Dude you guys are way fucking off here is the scale for mids 10$ =1 gram 20 for 2 grams aka a dub, 30-35$ for a 1/8th which can vary between 3 – 3.5 grams usually 35 bucks gets you 3.5 and 60 for a quarter which is usually 6-7 grams depending on your relationship with the dealer, 200 for an ounce usually unless you know someone and the dank aka chronic or any high grade marijuana basically doubles the price you pay for mids. example: 20$ for a dime of chronic. Sometimes you can get a bit higher grade mids for an extra five dollars but usually its high mids or shwag.
    this goes for the north east and I know it is the prices for wv. The further outh the cheaper weed and nyc is just a fucking cash raping asshole because its more expensive up there even though they are close to the canadian boarder.
    you can buy a joint also and thats .5 grams and cost 5 bucks…thank me

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