Hunting Season In West Virginia

I am a hunter. That’s right. I walk around in the woods with my big bad bazooka and shoot little Bambi. Over and over again. There is just something about that great tasting Bambi meat that gets me all excited. For those of you that have never tried venison (deer) meat, you really have no idea what you are missing. Especially if it is prepared right. The taste is very unique, and very….well…. tasty!

The wife and I were having a discussion about Christmas yesterday, and she wanted me to tell her what I wanted. I need some new Hunting Boots (hiking boots would also work), but there is a problem with that. When Christmas rolls around, hunting season is over, and I need the boots for this year. Our Anniversary is on the 15th of December, so that doesn’t work either. Maybe I can talk her into getting me an early gift. That way my feet don’t freeze while I am out getting her some fresh meat. 🙂

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  1. I forwarded the deer roping story to my pastor a while back. He’d been feeling a little down in the dumps lately, so I sent this to him hoping to give him a bit of a chuckle. Wellll….he wrote back that he had begun laughing at the very first part of the story and had laughed so hard that he had tears streaming down his face and for the life of him couldn’t stop laughing. Our senior pastor went upstairs to check on him because he heard the laughter and stood at my friend’s door staring at him in awe because no matter what he tried (thinking about having to pay his taxes, balancing his checkbood, etc.) nothing worked. He just kept laughing hard enough to where her couldn’t explain to the senior pastor what was so funny. Our senior pastor made a hasty retreat back downstairs and gathered the rest of the pastoral staff and held an “emergency prayer session” for thier fellow pastor because they were sure he’d finally “lost it”. The greatest ending to the story is that my friend and favorite pastor pulled himself out of the blues and went downstairs to th rest of the staff to explain the laughter…He got some side-long looks, but all-in-all, they finally “got it” and were laughing themselves, but no one enjoyed that story nearly as much as my friend. Great Stuff!!!!!

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