I Have Invented An Insect Killer

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This insect killer is guaranteed 100% effective when used as directed or double your money back!

At a price of only $4.99 this insect killer can’t be beat!

This is the deal of a lifetime folks. Here is what you will receive:

  • 1 block of wood with the letter “A” on it.
  • 1 block of wood with the letter “B” on it.
  • 1 set of instructions.
  • A 100% double your money back guarantee that this will kill any insect you use it on.

Here are the instructions: (Remember, you must follow the instructions 100% in order for the guarantee to be honored)

  • Place insect on block labeled “A”
  • Place block labeled “B” on top of insect and apply sufficient pressure to crush the insect.
  • Dispose of dead insect.

Like I said, it’s the deal of a lifetime! Anyone want to buy one? I will even package them in some personalized shipping boxes. 🙂

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