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The amount I could write on this subject (which has intrigued me since age 17 when I too saw a UFO for the first time) would fill a book. There’s no doubt that what I saw was not of this earth. It was a clear warm summer night in WV. I’d just finished dinner and decided to go outside and lay down on the lawn and relax. It’s pretty dark here at night, very few lights besides the moon and the stars.

All of a sudden, I saw three perfectly round white disks streak across the sky very quickly flying in a triangular formation. They were at a very high altitude and their circumference was clearly defined and they were flying at a very high rate of speed. One thing that surprised me as they approached is there were no contrails following them as one would suspect if they had been high flying commercial aircraft.

As they got overhead, they came to an abrupt stop and I do mean a dead stop and they did so quickly. There was NO slowing down. They stopped for a second and then immediately shot off to their left at about a 90 degree angle just as fast as they approached. I knew nothing we have can do that. That was the last time I saw them. While I don’t know what they are or who or what was in them, I DO know what they weren’t.

That episode stuck in my mind so vividly, I began to read everything I could get my hands on concerning the phenomena. There’s no doubt in my mind that ETs have been visiting here (and interacting with some, officially and unofficially) for a very long time. I think the Roswell incident only touched off the publics response to the extent possible because only in the last couple of years have people directly involved with that incident have finally come forward and admitted what they saw and also told of threats on their lives and the lives of their families if they did come forward. They kept their silence for nearly 50 years.

If you look at all the information disgorged by our military and intelligence agencies under the Freedom of Information act with the greatest percentage of this information BLACKED OUT, you can see that the governments’ denial of the existence of ETs is simply foolish and I’ve treated it as such. Some pretty credible people have finally come forward to admit their own experiences at the risk of losing their reputations. These are high ranking military people (some still in the military), FAA controllers with stories of radar verifications, military guards at military outposts (like nuclear missile silos who have testified that all the missiles at their own sites were immediately rendered inoperable at the time of a confirmed sighting just off base.

Last Monday, there was a press conference in Washington D.C. (reported by some news media but not nearly enough) where dozens of these people have come forward demanding a serious and PUBLIC investigation of the phenomena with an eye toward forcing the government to finally tell the truth about what’s been going on.

Why haven’t they thus far? Well, to me it’s pretty obvious why. First the military has been studying and back engineering these craft to the extent that they’ve built and piloted their own. Some of the technology we take for granted today “bled out” of this vast storehouse of information such as fiber optics among other things.

The disinformation campaign against disclosure has been nothing short of amazing and consists of outright lies about ETs and their reasons for being here and downright physical threats against anyone privy to any of this information who goes public with it. There is no oversight of those in charge of developing this technology. It’s the blackest of black projects and they are accountable to NO ONE! They can “erase” you if they wanted to with complete impunity.

One of the most important speakers at the recent press conference was a security guard from England to testified about his physical contact with an ET ship that landed momentarily outside of Rendelsham (sp) which is a British military base that stored nukes. He and other who accompanied him testified about seeing and touching the outside of the ship after it landed in the forest outside the base. This sighting was extremely well documented and the info concerning this sighting is all over the internet.

So the military is one group who do not want the public to know and for obvious reasons. Second is the energy cartels. What would their worth be in today’s society if it were known that we could be presented with literally free energy and once and for all get off of the use of fossil fuels? Three guesses.

Next comes the pharmaceutical giants. What would their bottom line look like when the ETs are capable of giving us cures for all the major illnesses we suffer from? Again. Three guesses.

Finally, although the organized religions of the world will go through nothing short of chaos when the truth comes out (and know that it will and, I think, very shortly).

So if you want to know who benefits, like anything else, follow the money.

If you think about Roswell itself, how absurd is it that an army base, one housing (then) the only nukes we had developed at that time POSSIBLY have misidentified a weather balloon (project Mogul) and confused that with a UFO? You tell me. They first reported it accurately and then changed the story to a weather balloon. Preposterous.

The best debunkers the government can come up with can only say they don’t believe that what people claim to have seen is what they really saw. Bullshit. Who cares what they believe. People know what they’re seeing and tens of thousands of people have seen and reported is NOT swamp gas, the planet venus or any other BS nonsense explanations they’ve “put out there” to discredit the existence of the phenomena.

Some debunker “scientists” say it’s unlikely because of the distances that would have to be traveled for beings of another world to get here. How arrogant and short sighted can one be. Just because we, in our infinite “wisdom” don’t know how they could do it automatically translates into “they couldn’t do it”. Sorry. That’s utter rubbish. Just because we don’t understand it means it can’t happen? How completely arrogant is that not to mention intellectually dishonest.

In much the same way that establishment “science” KNEW the world was flat at one time (and if you disagreed you were a heretic and laughed at in much the same way as people today who have reported UFO sightings and other contacts). But that time is over. Hopefully, the truth will come out fairly soon and people will know once and for all that we are far from the only sentient beings in this universe. If you’re willing to open your mind, you just might be surprised at what you can see.

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  1. Yes, the UFO phenomena is facinating…it is also amazing how man’s technologies have grown rapidly and exponentially since the 1940s (around the time of the supposed Roswell crash). Nice article, thank you.

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