My Wacky Neighbors And Their Yardsales

We have these neighbors who think that it is fun to have a yard sale at least 3-4 days a week for the entire summer. The husband will leave in his truck on Sunday night, and return Monday evening with a truckload of different items. He brings back everything from beds to sofas. Once he came back with what appeared to be samsonite luggage. They get a little bit of everything each trip. I have no idea where he gets the stuff, but he gets a lot of it. It could be stolen for all I know.

I guess that they sort and price the items on Tuesday, then Wednesday through Saturday it is game on for the yard sale! Everybody stop by the yard sale! Drive on up in your noisy truck with no exhaust, rev it really loud to try and get your wife to hurry up, but all you will end up doing is waking my child from her nap ….at the yard sale!

Loud exhausts suck. I don’t know who you people think you are trying to impress in your loud truck or on your motorcycle. What you are mostly doing is pissing people off. I am a little more lenient  towards the loud motorcycles, because the noise can help to get another drivers attention. Motorcycles are hard enough to see the way it is. As for all of you guys with noisy pick’em up trucks…. get an exhaust and stop pissing me off! 😡

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