Psychic Chat Drives Middleton Wisconsin Fire Marshal to Quit

fire marshalA fire marshal who admitted consulting online psychics at work didn’t need a crystal ball to tell him it was time to resign.

Tom Weber, a 22-year fire veteran, was put on administrative leave nine months ago after he was accused of asking an online psychic on a department computer whether he and others would be successful in getting rid of Middleton’s fire chief.

Fire Chief Aaron Harris discovered the query, and said Weber had exchanged e-mails with other people seeking to remove the chief.

Weber said he’s resigning effective March 31, and denied working against Harris. But he doesn’t dispute contacting psychics on department computers. A computer technician found other communications dating back three years.

“Everyone is entitled to their spiritual guidance,” Weber said.

He said he’s been interested in psychics for years.

Harris was elected chief in the Madison suburb in 2003 and later appointed to the position permanently. Harris has said that during restructuring of the department, a small group of employees and volunteers began working against him.

“This has been an ongoing battle for about two years,” said Weber. “It was pretty much just time to step aside and let people go on with what they need to do.”

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