Riddle Me This (7-31-07)

Imagine, if you will, that you needed the bird flu vaccine and time is running out. Before you are 2 Medical Administrators and 2 doors. One MA is standing in front of each door. But what’s behind the door, you ask. Well, in the room behind one of the doors is the bird flu vaccine and in the room behind the other door is nothing. You do not know which door leads to which room, and that’s where the MAs come in.

The 2 MAs know which room has the vaccine, but the only problem is that one MA always tells the truth and the other MA always tells a lie. And added to that, you do not know which MA is which. They look the same. Here’s your task: You can only ask one MA one question and your goal is to get into that room with the vaccine, because as it was previously mentioned, time is running out.

What is the one question you ask the one MA to guarantee that you access the right room and
save yourself? Hurry, time is running out.

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