Rootin Tootin Gun Shootin

If you have ever lived here in West Virginia, pr maybe even if you have came to visit, you have probably realized that we love our guns. Pistols, shotguns, rifles, BB Guns, dart guns, blow guns, if it has “gun” in the name, we are quite fond of it.

I own a few guns, and consider myself a semi-avid hunter. I have been very successful in my hunting adventures and plan to keep it that way. I have NOT ever kept a loaded gun under my bed. Except for that one time… but we won’t talk about that right now.

This “commercial” has me intrigued. Have a look:

Now I know that some people are overly paranoid, and this would be a good Christmas gift for them. I also know from taking concealed weapons permit classes that it is perfectly legal to shoot someone that makes their way into your home under the cover of darkness. But please, don’t take my word for it and murder someone.

Is there really a need for this device? Is a shotgun under your bed not enough? What happens if your a lucid dreamer like I am, and I roll out of bed onto the gun in the holder? The round may go off, hit me right in the chest, and I will lay there and bleed to death, murdered suicided accidentally shot by myself the gun in the holder.

If anyone reading this is planning on buying me one of these for Christmas, please don’t. If needed, I will just put the shotgun back under the bed. 🙂

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