2 thoughts on “Sadly, This Reminds Me Of My Family”

  1. I honestly did not think it was possible to find another human being as obtuse or inane as George Bush. Unfortunately I was wrong. She reminds me so much of Bush it isn’t funny. She even has the same mannerisms and speaking style. She laughs at her own jokes and has that stupid smarmy look on her face at all times. In addition, her vocabulary is seemingly as limited as the good president’s.

    I would like to think that the person who has his or her finger on the little red button at least has some idea of what the rest of the world looks like before they destroy it. But instead, we have someone who had never been out of the country until last year, and had only been to the lower forty eight states a handful of times.

    BUT BUT BUT BUT…..she had a baby, she played basketball, she owns a gun, she shoots moose, she had a bunch of kids, Alaska is close to Russia, AND, AND, AND……, she chose life.

    Well that’s all well and good, but I don’t think it qualifies one to be president. Based on this reasoning I think I am at least qualified to be secretary of the treasury. I took a couple of economics classes in college; I have read about a 100 books on economics; I have run a couple of small businesses; I played football–once with two broken fingers; I own a gun; I have shot a couple of deer. But I suppose I am I disqualified because I can’t have a kid; although, I suppose if I could pull that one off I could probably be president or maybe even pope.

    Well I guess you know how I feel about the topic.

  2. I believe that the only reason McCain chose her is because he is trying to gather the aimlessly wandering “Hillary” votes from those who really wanted to see a female in the White House.

    The fact that he chose her, when there so many other qualified candidates for the job, is enough to make me not vote for him.

    …not that I was going to anyway.

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