Sayings I Have Only Heard In West Virginia

HOLD YOUR TATER — Slow down, wait a minute. “Just hold your tater.” Tater meaning potato. Maybe little kids were given a roasted potato to stave off hunger until the meal was ready.

FLY MAD – Get angry suddenly. “I didn’t expect her to fly mad over that.” Maybe this expression is related to “madder than a wet hen.” A mad hen tends to fly around and flap her wings.

SPLITTING THE MUD – Running fast.

CUTTING A RUSTY — Getting angry and throwing a fit.

9 thoughts on “Sayings I Have Only Heard In West Virginia”

  1. Those are quite funny :)


    Haha…splitting the mud. I like that one :mrgreen:

    When I was in High School, it meant something entirely different… 😈

  2. i’m from the hills in west virgina and now live in memphis they are so much more counrty in west virgina then anywhere i have ever been in the south. if u want real southern hospitality thats the place to vist. anyways i would here my mom say that i was “only knee high to a billy goat” or “worsh my cloths” or “today is a dog day” that means it hasn’t rained in awhile and only the dogs should go in the creek. there are many more that i have heard and prolly just think they r normal. when i say i’m from the hills i mean it. i’ve seen many place and people around the country and NOBODY i’ve ever met is as country and redneck as them. i worked in the local bar and we had more room to tie your horses up outside then trucks. a cable company never would bring cable to us til 2004. the peoplle in west virgina are the most kindest big hearted people i know thats america!!!

  3. I’m from southern Wv and I’ve heard and frequently use “fly mad”.
    And I’m also pretty sure that I’ve heard “splitting the mud”.
    I don’t think I’ve heard the other 2 but I know there are more messed up sayings that we have than just those!
    I wish I could think of some, but I can’t right off the top of my head.

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