Secretive Christian group set to launch an attack on the Nintendo Wii. is “an innovative web resource that helps parents talk to their kids about porn and internet dangers.” Fair enough, a commendable goal to be sure, some of things out there on the world wide web even make us cringe!

Now the site (who are backed by a “secretive faith-based ministry in California”) are apparently preparing an attack on the Nintendo Wii and other devices under the guise that they are “portals to porn”. Thanks to Kotaku who have uncovered a leaked press release we can reveal some more details.

Entitled ‘The Wii’s Dirty Little Secret’, the press release begins by stating:

“The Nintendo Wii gaming console has a wiittle porn problem. That’s right; this seemingly innocent family game console has a dirty little secret. It has the dubious ability to access pornography via the internet and most parents are not aware of this fact according to”

Mike Foster, the founder over at goes on to say that:

“Parents think the computer is the only way for their kids to get porn on the internet. Unfortunately, they are dead wrong.

Gaming devices like the Wii and the PSP aren’t just for fun games anymore. You’re able to surf the net, chat with friends, email, and view porn because of its internet access. Kids know this but parents don’t!”

Of course what Mike forgets to mention is the fact that almost ever new technical device released in the current age can access the Internet, Mobile Phones are an obvious example of an item that amost everyone owns, including children, why the focus on game consoles? The press release goes on:

“Porn websites are taking the look of the Wii’s home page and menus and modeling their own sites after them. Porn sites are even converting their video clips so that they can run on the Wii.”

Maybe we just aren’t up to date with the current goings on of the Porn industry but we haven’t come across any Wii-specific Porn sites recently. Of course we can’t deny it either so we’ll call that a moot point, but Mike doesn’t stop there, continuing on we find even more concerns:

“Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) technology allows electronic devices like Nintendo’s Wii to wirelessly connect to the internet. Airports, Starbucks, schools, and even entire cities give people the opportunity to log on the internet with a Wi-Fi device like the Wii or even Sony’s PSP. “

When was the last time you took your Wii, a portable TV, your sensor bar and a Wii-remote all the way to your local Starbucks just to tap into their Wi-Fi network and check out some hot girl on girl action? Anyway the piece closes with a solution even a compliment about the Wii as well.

“So the solution lies in parents getting the facts and then talking to their children about expectations for online activity. Foster believes that, “Whether it is the home computer or these new gaming consoles, porn is easily accessible. The Wii is an amazing console and tons of fun but parents need good info on how to keep kids safe.”

One thought on “Secretive Christian group set to launch an attack on the Nintendo Wii.”

  1. As a christian, I find these guys to be complete morons and embarrassing to other Christians. I thought about arguing how you can block the download or use of the internet channel, but anyone who’s spend 10 minutes with a wii knows that already.

    Honestly, this is so damaging and fueling of the stereotype of hypersensitive Christians being morons, I almost wonder if the news is fake. I went to the website and put in a search for “wii” but couldn’t find anything remotely related to it. So if this news were real it would have to come from a podcast or something. This is not to say I don’t think that the Wii can be used as a portal to pornography – it certainly can, if you take absolutely no simple steps to prevent it.

    I hope non-Christians can see the stereotype for what it is.

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