The Hauntings Of Linda Vista Hospital

Linda Vista Hospital is a prime piece of real estate whether your a ghost hunter, or just have a taste for the strange. These photos are well worth the time it takes to view them.

Linda Vista Hospital was used as an actual hospital up until the mid-eighties, I believe, based on evidence we found on site, though I don’t know exactly when it closed. Since then, it’s been used as a site for several movies and TV productions, including Pearl Harbor and possibly Scrubs.

Interestingly, according to, Linda Vista hospital is reportedly haunted.

People who go there have reported seeing lights and hearing a little girl laughing and playing around in there. Screams, cold spats, noises, cries, moaning, lights coming on and off, noises could even be heard from the street at night with no one inside. Hospital is sometimes used for filming by production companies. A doctor has been seen on the main building, corner window, top floor looking out through the window. He was wearing a doctor’s suit and a tie. Lights go on and off throughout the whole building. There is a room full of cages and a group of people claimed seeing a mentally ill patient(ghost) roaming inside a cage in that room. Strange noises are heard around the buildings. Cold and warm spots are felt in certain places.

This of course, could only add to our fun.

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