Time To Come Clean

This is a home made sex change.
This is a home made sex change.

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Most of you have been under the impression that I am a guy.

You are wrong.

I was born a guy but I’m a girl on the inside and I’m going to have an operation to correct this over the weekend when i shall finally become Shaniqua.

Shaniqua is who I always wanted to be back when i was a child trying on my mothers dresses. I was such a pretty girl and the mirror loved me. I loved to sit on the desk by the table lamp and have my mother stroke my hair with the brush and plat it for me when it was long. I said it was just to give it a wavy look when I unplated it so I could look like Dave Mustaine from Megadeth.

But now mom will put two and two together when I’ve had the change and Shaniqua is finally born from the prison and into the social taboos imposed upon me by proper society.

I will be walking free and high in my dress with my fully functional post op vagina getting breezed by the summer air. (I’m told scar tissue will be hidden by my pubic hair and I have a few merkins on order till I can grow my own proud feminine bush.

I want you all to accept me for this change and understand that I’m still me (more or less) and the Dr. says I can keep what he removes in a pickle jar. I’ll post a pic if you would like.

P.S – Does anyone know where I can get Women’s shoes in size 12ee? My little toe keeps getting squashed.

*flutters eyes at the boys*

P.S.S. – Another reason that I am doing this is because I want my own set of titties to spill ice cream on when I watch chick flicks alone in the dark.

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