Topless Teacher Caught in Back Seat of Car with 14 Year Old Student

Katy School

A Texas junior high school teacher is facing sexual assault charges after being found topless in her car with a 14-year-old-boy.

Is it just me, or does sex and young schoolkids seem to be getting more frequent. Or maybe it has always been this way, just more people are getting caught.

Parents and students at McDonald Junior High in Katy say they’re disappointed by the disturbing allegations against a popular teacher. Emily Willis was charged with sexual assault of a child, after a Harris County deputy found Willis and a 14-year- old boy in the back seat of a car this past weekend.

According to court documents, Willis was not wearing a bra, or her blouse, and the 14-year-old only had a pair of boxer shorts on. The 14 year old boy is a student at McDonald Junior High school, but the district would not confirm if he is enrolled in one of Willis’ classes.

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