West Virginia Mountaineers defeat Oklahoma Sooners In The Fiesta Bowl!

In a game that everyone thought was going to be a blowout, the underdog rose up and commenced to kick ass in typical WVU fashion. (Watching it in High Def. via an HDMI port made it even better!)

WVU wins the Fiesta Bowl 2008

In the post game interview, Pat White endorsed Mountaineers interim coach Bill Stewart to become the permanent successor to Rich Rodriguez. Who needs Rich Rodriguez anyway when you have a young man like Pat White standing behind center? The Mountaineers became the first of six teams to win under an interim coach this bowl season. They improved to 2-0 in the Bowl Championship Series. I believe that last night The Mountaineers could have played either of the teams in the National Championship game, and won. It is a shame they stumbled against Pitt. I stand firm in my belief that WVU is the best college football team in the nation this year. The entire nation needs to lobby for a college football playoff system that would put a lot of the “Who is the best team in the nation?” questions to rest.

WVU fans: You should write to the WVU staff and tell them that you want Bill Stewart as your WVU football coach. Not only that, but the current coaching staff also needs to stay. The staff knows their role, and Bill Stewart knows the staff and how to call plays. That was proved last night. Ed Pastilong is the Athletic Director at WVU. Be sure to flood his inbox (ed.pastilong@mail.wvu.edu) and request this. :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “West Virginia Mountaineers defeat Oklahoma Sooners In The Fiesta Bowl!”

  1. Bucky –

    I have been taking a little R & R since Christmas. I did take the time, however, to watch West Virginia absolutely destroy Oklahoma. Your guys played really well! I was most impressed!


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