Win A Scholarship By Creating Business Christmas Cards

For those of you currently in High School or College, there is an interesting contest that you might be interested in. It is a $10,000 Christmas Cards Scholarship Contest. The main focus is on Company Christmas cards. If you don’t work in an office setting, one day you will get more than your share of these Christmas Cards.

Corporate Christmas Cards

What a great way to pass a little time. Sit down and create a greeting card with a chance to win a nice scholarship! Legal residents of the United States (age 14 and over) are eligible to enter. Unless you live in Maine.

You don’t have to work primarily with Christmas Cards either. You can elect to create a card for any Holiday, or just a simple greeting card will do. If I was in school, I would be all over this. I have always wanted to try and create a few cards.

4 thoughts on “Win A Scholarship By Creating Business Christmas Cards”

  1. Also, high schoolers who want to try and see if they can qualify for the National Vocabulary Championship can start to take the online exam beginning today November 1 thru 30. The ultimate champ will receive $40K for college tuition. To learn more, visit

  2. Oh, this is definitely amazing! I’m sure many students will be delighted to join the contest. The prize is great!

    Who doesn’t love scholarships?!

    Hey BuCKY, Thanks for the reminder about Christmas cards! I kinda slept on the whole thing last year, but this year hopefully I’ll get my act together early. *nod*

    No problem Bush!

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