Wonderful, Wonderful Nature

Random unrelated image: Damned Thieves

This film comes from the BitFilm Festival. It was created as a part of the animation study at the Academy for Film and Television “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam and looks great on an lcd monitor. It is an attempt to create an animated animal documentary, that explores the mating habits of the water shrew. The use of modern 3d tools enabled us to show the “true” events that take place in a 3 second battle between two males in a way that was never seen before…

In other words, you’ve gotta see this. 🙂

Link: sevenload.com

2 thoughts on “Wonderful, Wonderful Nature”

  1. Fantastic. I’m convinced that if I could film my dwarf hamsters having their play-fights in slo-mo, it would look something like.

    Lovin’ the little teeth. RAAAR.

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