A Baby? Again?

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Yes folks, it’s that time again. The wife and I decided to concieve another child. This will be our second child, and we planned both of them. For that, we are truly proud. But, seeing as the only time she will let me have sex with her is when she wants me to get her pregnant, it was to be expected.

Our first child is a girl, and I have posted several pics and videos of her on here in the past. This time we are having a boy. Well, that is what the lady who gave my wife the ultrasound said. She pointed at something on the screen and said that it was a penis. All I saw was something that looked like a pencil eraser. No way in hell my kid has a penis that big! :/

So, the room is decorated in camoflauge, and the baby shower proved to hold a plethora of blue colored clothes, towels, and blankets. I’m secretely hoping it’s another girl, just for that fact that we will have to return all of this stuff to Wal-Mart. Oh how I love going to Wal-Mart. Escpecially to the customer service counter where the staff is so helpfull and generally pleasing to be around.

Provided my wife doesn’t go into labor shortly, she is scheduled to be induced on July 3rd. I am trying to get 5 or 6 posts pre-published so you won’t even recognize that I am gone, aside from not replying to comments but maybe once per day or so.

Upon my return, expect to see photos of said baby, in all his wrinkly gooey glory. The typical proud poppa thing.

11 thoughts on “A Baby? Again?”

  1. Kyra – Thank you

    Robin – Conception was actually back in October of 2007. It was the sex that only lasted 30 seconds.

  2. OMG! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the baby pics!

    P.S. I will laugh so hard if it ends up being a girl because the sonogram tech read it wrong and mistook a finger or toe, or even part of the cord, as a penis…LOL

    Kats last blog post..Notice anything missing?

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