A nature video that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer.

This is one of the best nature videos I have watched. I especially liked the part where the Buffalo were all like “Mooooo”, and the one Buffalo horned the Lion and it yelled out “MEOWWWOWWO..HISS”, and the Crocodile was all in the water going “Splash! Splash!”….yea, that was my favorite part.

3 thoughts on “A nature video that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer.”

  1. That is just plain awesome. I don’t think you could script a scene better than that one. Of course, the calf would have been saved a lot of trauma if the rest of the herd had gotten brave before it got caught instead of after it was nearly eaten by a bunch of lions and crocodiles.

  2. The herd was definitely late on the rescue. Maybe they had to wait on reinforcements to show up.

    I was hoping to see the crocodile grab a lion and chew him up. 🙂 That’ll teach ’em!

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