Don’t go swimming in the Congo River

A couple of amazing pictures from phunk shows a very scary fish with a mouth full of teeth.

These pictures haven’t been confirmed as 100% accurate yet, but you might want to avoid all bodies of water just in case. Even mud-puddles could harbor a baby one of these things, and you don’t want that nibbling on your toe!




7 thoughts on “Don’t go swimming in the Congo River”

  1. This is an African Tiger Fish. It is an actual species. The genus is Hydrocynus, and there are a few species of these. I’m not sure which one this is. This is a characin type fish, akin to the common little tetras often kept in aquariums, and indeed, while VERY expensive, much smaller species of this Hydrocynus genus are much sought-after aquarium fish.

  2. wtf its like a barra and a shark did it plz tell me more about this and more pics plz send them to my email its an awsome fish

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