New Nights details for the Nintendo Wii

A plethora of news has been revealed on the European Sega Website for their upcoming Nintendo Wii game NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. New features include utilization of the Forecast Channel and trading items with your friends across the globe. Read more for the details.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is a unique flight-action game where you soar through a world of dreams filled with amazing environments, mystical creatures and terrible, nightmarish monsters. As the fantastical character NiGHTS, utilize the Nintendo Wii controller and physically maneuver his every movement as he glides, weaves, dives, spirals, loops and blasts in the skies of Nightopia, a universe where dreams are brought to life. Nightopia is being over-run by the so-called Nightmarens, and it’s up to NiGHTS to make the most of his acrobatic skills, his freedom of flight and the special abilities he obtains via shape-shifting masks to save his world. Here is the new info:

  • Three sets of Persona masks give the player new shape-shifting abilities and more ways to explore the world.
  • Dragon mask: Transforms NiGHTS into a huge dragon and makes him resistant to wind effects.
  • Dolphin mask: NiGHTS can change into a dolphin and explore under water.
  • Rocket mask: NiGHTS takes the shape of a rocket and travels at supersonic speeds.
  • There are seven fantastical dream worlds to explore and the unique environments of Nightopia introduce an extraordinary, magical world unlike any other.
  • Wii connect 24: Exchange items with friends via the network and change the scenery according to real-world seasons using the Forecast Channel.

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    Sounds great news for all Wii Lovers i will be hunting for the NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams to add to my collection, anyone fancy networking ?

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