Elbow Licking

So who will be the first in the blogoshphere to prove they can lick their elbow with their tongue?

C’mon, you know you want to see if you can do it. I am about 3 tongues short of reaching my elbow so I am not one of the chosen few.

My Cousin who is 12 years old can lick his elbow with his tongue so apparently this calls for some intensive research on my part as to whether a human being can physically do this since he is obviously human.

According to the Govt.- It is impossible-

According to my own extensive research you in fact CAN do it if you are double jointed in your shoulder and your neck. Supposedly only one in a million can do it!

Below are some people who show you they can do it. I am waiting for a picture of my cousin doing it and he has witnesses who watched him do it.



5 thoughts on “Elbow Licking”

  1. I tried it many years ago. Absolutely cannot do it. Never knew the trait was so rare.

    I can’t either.

    Oh, crap, Bucky. This is just one more thing for me to worry about! How the heck am I supposed to type in this posi iwu wyuqfuy qg fc?

    Always something to worry about! Good luck with that…heh.

  2. I can lick my elbow, but I’m not double jointed in any fashion. Though I do have an impressively long tongue, almost half an inch from the world record.

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