Experiments From My Two Year Old

My two year old daughter, Pinkster, has been performing some experiments lately. I’m sure she’s keeping notes somewhere. I imagine this is how they would read:

  • Mommy and Daddys bathroom drawer holds a lot of stuff, but not as much as their potty. I have fit the entire contents of the drawer into the potty and there was room to spare. I’m not sure what will happen if I flush while the potty is full of toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and toothpaste caps, but I will find out soon.
  • I can reach all the way to the back of the drawer in the kitchen. Everything that is in this drawer can be placed behind the drawer. The drawer will not close when I do this. I have performed this experiment with success on a daily basis for a couple of weeks now. I don’t expect a different result any time soon.
  • Sometimes my poopy is squishy and sometimes its in hard balls. If I take off my diaper and pick up the hard balls, I can make them squishy by squeezing them really hard. This also makes great finger paint for writing on the lovely yellow walls that mommy painted my room. I have to be sneaky though.
  • If I kick my little brother, he cries. He cries especially loud if he is sleeping when I perform this experiment. I get consistent results multiple times every day.
  • And just for the record, the vacuum cleaner is a loud, terrible, scary monster. The only way to avoid it is to climb in a chair and cover up with a blanket. Inconsolable screaming also seems to keep it at bay. My little brother doesn’t seem to be scared of it at all. It’s going to eat him one day, I know it is.

7 thoughts on “Experiments From My Two Year Old”

  1. Hahaha! wonderful! My son just turned 3 last month and he’s done none of those… I have a feeling we’re raising an obsessive compulsive individual…

    He would turn off the TV and the fan every time we would tell him it’s already bed time;

    He would be the first to scream/cry for a change of clothes during those rare moments when he would throw up and get his puke on his clothes;

    He likes to “fix” things… I suppose he got it from watching “Handy Manny” (on Playhouse Disney)… one time we heard him say “I’ll fix electric fan” which we responded with a long loud “no” while rushing towards him; and

    He doesn’t like to have an unbuttoned button on his shirt;

    He’s also pretty good with scissors and he enjoys turning himself upside down on the couch.

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