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When most people read the above words, phrases and website addresses, their pulse quickens, their heart beats faster, and their mind goes into overdrive thinking about the millions of dollars that could be theres from a deceased relative that time has forgot.

Claiming your missing money online.

  • It’s the only official national database and it’s free. Just fill out your name, state, zip, etc. and the site automatically searches over 40 states. It takes just seconds and the odds are favorable. One in 8 Americans have some missing money to claim. What is the average claim? From $800-$1000!
  • Expired savings bonds: These are savings bonds that have matured and may be sitting around in your drawers or in a safe deposit box not earning any interest! Need to cash them in? To find out how much they’re worth, go to There’s a calculator on the site. Just type in the series — ibonds, ebonds, etc. — and the issue dates of those bonds. Then take those bonds to the bank and cash them in! You do have to pay federal taxes, but don’t let that deter you. Sitting on bonds that aren’t paying interest is silly. You’re better off cashing them in, paying the tax and putting the money to better use. All you’re doing is giving the government an interest-free loan if you don’t cash them in!
  • Tax Refunds: Every year, millions of Americans leave tax refunds on the table! You can claim that money on the web as well! And there’s a lot of it out there. For tax year, 2006, the IRS says it has about $100 million in refund checks for about 115,000 taxpayers. The average unclaimed refund: $953.
    In most cases, these are checks returned to the government because taxpayers moved and didn’t inform the IRS of a new address. If this is you, go to, clink on “Where’s my refund?” You will need to fill our your social security number, filing status, and other information.


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