Five Fingers

I’m thinking about getting a pair of these.


Have any of you guys/gals worn these?

What would you think if you saw someone wearing these in public?

2 thoughts on “Five Fingers”

  1. hahaha funny photos you have here!

    …but honestly, I am of the ticklish type. And even those socks with 5 fingers such as that makes me wrinkle my nose feeling them tickling me in between my toes…what more with this. haha. oh no can’t do!

    I also want to comment on that photos way above, the NO F…..G THE COW and the RAPIST commentator, hilarious!

    This is the first time I came across your blog, and i say…i would be back for more good laughs. keep posting dear.
    .-= jenie=)´s last blog ..YOUR POTENTIALS =-.

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