Gmail attachment size limit is now 20 megabytes (MB)

I logged into my gmail account this morning, as I always do, and looked up in the top right corner. That is always the first place I look to see if there are any special announcements that I might need to be aware of. There was a new one there in red letters stating that thereFinally! was a new (larger) size limit on email attachments.

I’m glad to see this change. I have several files stored in my gmail accounts, and anything over 10 MB I had to split into multiple .rar files. This will save a lot of time and trouble of having to do that.

Gmail just keeps getting better. I may never use my ISP provided email again. It seems like every time I do, the ISP gets bought by another ISP and I have to change my email address….and that sucks.

4 thoughts on “Gmail attachment size limit is now 20 megabytes (MB)”

  1. It’s a sad commentary that Gmail is more reliable that the e-mail on my own hosted domains. But then, I have free hosting for my older domains on my ex’s cousin’s servers and I’m not going to rock that boat. 🙂

  2. Gmail has always been more reliable than that of my ISP. I would hate to be without it…in fact, if they started charging a yearly fee, I would definately pay it. They have the best spam filter that I have ever used.

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