How to find good deals on Ebay auctions.

Typical Ebay logo… nothing to see here, move along.

Lastminute Auction is a useful website when it comes to finding a good deal on an Ebay auction. It lists auctions that are running out in an hour or less and have a maximum price of $1. Various categories like computer, business and books make it easy to navigate the website and find what you are looking for. This could also be a great tool for finding an auction that happens to be misspelled. I remember the days when you could do a search for “labtop” and find several auctions for “laptop”. A quick and easy way to get the goods for cheap. Ebay has since caught on to that, and when you search for “labtop”, you see results for both “labtop” and “laptop”.

Ahhh… the good ol’ days.

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