How to wreck a truck in style.

These photographs a truck that crashed though a highway barrier, rolled over a culvert, and came to rest facing opposite its original direction of travel barely missing plunging hundreds of feet over an adjacent cliff.

The road in these pictures is state route 59 near Hurricane City, Utah.

If you study the first pic a little bit, you will notice that over on the right, the truck has apparently crossed over the guardrail/concrete barrier. Notice the direction the truck is pointing in relation to the direction it was obviously coming from. Apparently, it has either flipped in mid-air, or hit the culvert and then flipped over.

The camera has panned out a little bit, and you can see just how close the truck was to going over a small cliff. You can see the firemen standing around the truck, and up on the road is what appears to be an officer taking pictures.

In the next pic, the camera has panned out a lot more, and you can see just how lucky the person in this accident actually was. The ravine is HUGE! If you look closely, you can see what looks like a bunch of trash in the bottom of the ravine. I assume that this is from local flooding coming through the culvert.

After such an amazing accident, I can only hope that whoever was driving this vehicle immediately jumped out, put his hands to the air and yelled “TAADAA!”.

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