I Quit My Job

im-a-quitterSeriously. I quit it.

Of course, I have another job lined out and I can start it ASAP, but it was hard leaving a company that I have been with for twelve(!) years now. They did me no wrong whatsoever, but sometimes change is necessary.

I believe it will be a nice change for me. More of the same, but a lot of new…. meaning, a brand new company. A startup company. A company that I will help build, and I can hardly wait to begin.

9 thoughts on “I Quit My Job”

  1. Cool!

    What industry are you going into?

    I think you will enjoy working for a small startup company. Having run one of my own and helped run a couple more, I can honestly say it is never boring. Of course, I found it much less stressful to run one in which I didn’t have my life savings tied up.

    I am thinking about going into the organic farming business myself, but I am waiting for the price of land to come back to something resembling normalcy. Apparently people haven’t realized that when the economy tanks and the demand for land goes down the price of said land generally follows.

  2. Garrick – Same industry. In fact, it’s in the building where I originally started out…below the airport.

    It’s the cabinet industry, but it’s almost all automated. All CNC machinery, and all going to be programmed by yours truly.

    A couple of guys broke off from the company I currently work for, and I couldn’t resist. I had to follow them.

    It is (hopefully) going to be a very lean company with little overhead and high profits.

    I am also still going to help you move on the date we discussed. I have already notified the new company that I needed off that day.

    Kyra – Thanks!

  3. Sorry about the square – headed face next to my name….Its not me…I promise…Just kinda new to all this…:)

    Bucky I wish you all the best….

    Oh, yeah, I’m sugarin’ – up for the ramps!!!! Yaaaaaa Hooooooo!

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