If You Find Yourself Bored Try A Little Pac-Man

I was doing my usual thing and surfing the net for just about anything that would spark my interest. I found something that said I could play pac-man in Excel…and guess what, I can!

It was a bit of a pain to close, so if you are at work I wouldn’t recommend playing it unless you are on your lunch break or something.

Here is the download link…Good Luck!

Pacman in Excel!

4 thoughts on “If You Find Yourself Bored Try A Little Pac-Man”

  1. Cool! I’m gonna give this a try later. I would spend hours and hours playing Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac- Man when I was younger. My friend’s dad would service the arcade machines and he would always bring one home and let us play it over and over…all weekend long! lol!

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