Inappropriate Collegiate Fan Signs


Indiana fans take a swipe at Purdue’s female community.



Jeff Green was the target of this Duke fan’s wrath when the two teams squared off.



When Oregon took on UCLA earlier this season, the cell phone number of Kevin Love (a.k.a. — Fatty) passed through the Oregon campus and led to multiple death threats directed at the UCLA center.



Arizona State fans taunt former Arizona great Miles Simon.



A Memphis fan manages to rip both Pat Summitt and Bruce Pearl with one sign.



Duke fans harass the Maryland men’s basketball team for its poor graduation rate.



Another Duke fan pokes fun at Maryland and its penchant for rioting.



Memphis fans show their love for the University of Tennessee.



UNC fans heckle head coach Mike Krzyzewski after Duke lost four straight games last season.



An Oklahoma State fan taunting Kansas coach Mark Mangino.

via SI, minus the crappy slideshow format.

4 thoughts on “Inappropriate Collegiate Fan Signs”

  1. I love the fact that there was some thought put into these signs. So much better than the ubiquitous “YOU SUCK!” we see so much of. I thought most of these were great, but passing out a phone number is over the line.

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