It ain’t no fun gettin’ stuck in the mud.

A friend of mine stops by yesterday evening needing some come-alongs. He said that he and some others had been fourwheelin’ and one of the trucks was stuck up. He grabbed the come-alongs, I grabbed some logging chains, changed clothes, gave the wife a kiss and told her I would be back soon. I jumped on my arctic cat ATV and headed out to the mud hole they were in. I knew where it was, and it is one of the nastiest mud holes in our area.

My buddy (I’ll call him “S”) snapped the cable on the come-alongs. I think it was a pretty weak cable. S and yours truly hop back on the fourwheeler and head out to civilization. It’s about a 15 minute ride over the hills and through the woods. We get home and manage to round up another set of come-alongs. These things are massive. They probably weigh 20 pounds, and the cable is as big around and my thumb. We head back to the stuck truck.

We get the come-alongs rigged up and S’s father (I’ll call him big “S”) and I begin working them. They got pretty tight, and truck wasn’t budging. We continue to work the come-alongs and they get so tight that we are having trouble with them. The two of us are about as big and strong as a couple of oxen, so when I say they are tight, I mean they are tight. We begin to put pressure on the come-alongs again….we push with all our might….something has got to give. I’m worried about the cable breaking and slicing us in half. The cable doesn’t break, but the come-alongs do. Big “S” was pulling on the handle as I was pushing on it. I dug my feet in, and gave it a mighty push just as the come-alongs failed. My legs propelled me forward just quick enough to allow me to land face first in the mud without being able to get my hands out in front of me.

If your counting, that is two pair of heavy duty come-alongs broken. We have no choice but to head out and find some more help. We find two friends, each with a truck, that volunteer to try and pull him out of the mud. I take “S” back to the mud hole and drop him off. I manage to snap one photo in the twilight. I head back for my house to get some rest, because I have to get up early for work.

I drove by my buddies house this morning before work and I didn’t see the truck sitting in his driveway. I assume that it is still in the mud hole. If he hasn’t got it out by this evening, I will go take some more pictures to share.

Muddin’ is fun…till this happens.

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