It’s Time For A New PC

The one I have now is getting pretty old. I have replaced several parts, everything from the IBM memory to the hard drive, to the power supply.

I think I have finally got to the point where upgrading / replacing parts is just a waste of time and money. Five years is a pretty good run for a PC, so I definitely feel that I got my moneys worth out of this oldy moldy. I am stuck though… do I get another desktop model, or get a laptop… ? I am leaning towards the laptop, I just have to convince the wife that we need it!

6 thoughts on “It’s Time For A New PC”

  1. LOL, I hear you, it is an intense OS, I have pretty much set it back to look like XP, runs faster without all the optional stuff!

  2. I have set up 3 laptops at work for our remote employees. It hasn’t impressed me.. other than the visual aspect of it.

    I really can’t use it at home, because a lot of the programs I use on my home PC isn’t compatible with Vista…..kinda sucks!

  3. I just bought a pc for the wife it came with vista after two hours did the hard drive format and installed xp. Vista is alot of eye candy for a work pc it just playing sucks.

  4. One of the employees at work had me uninstall Vista and put XP on his laptop. He couldn’t get some of his peripheral devices to work with Vista. 😕

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