My Big Redneck Wedding In West Virginia

w/ Tom Arnold
w/ Tom Arnold

The wife and I usually sit down and watch this show during the weekends. We have always thought it would only be a matter of time before Tom Arnold made his way to the Mountain State to convince a couple that was getting married to act extra Redneck-y in front of a camera for some money.

So, I wasn’t all that surprised when I read a post this morning hinting that this weekends show was filmed in WV. I did a few quick google searches, and sure enough, this weekends show stars a couple from Clarksburg, WV.

I can only hope that the people in the background (the ones not getting paid) do show some sort of decency while on camera. I have a feeling though, that there will be a fella with a “Who Farted” hat in about every scene….

One thought on “My Big Redneck Wedding In West Virginia”

  1. Clarksburg is only a part of West Virginia in that it happens to be located within the confines of the legal border. Much like Morgantown and the large panhandle towns, Clarksburg is more like rural Ohio or Pennsylvania than the southern half of West Virginia. And according to one of my former college classmates–who himself was openly gay–it has the highest per capita concentration of homosexuals of any place in the state.

    Now if they really wanted to find a few genuine West Virginia rednecks they would have to venture to someplace like Rock, War, Rainelle, or maybe Keystone. But alas, the only time a tv crew ever goes near one of these places is when the refuse pond overflaws and covers everything in toxic sludge, or when someone manages to convince a bunch of people that god is coming back and they need to build a massive compound in which to await his arrival.

    Disclaimer: As is always the case, anyone reading this blog who might happen to reside in one the areas hereunto disparaged is automatically considered a statistically significant aberration. Afterall, you are reading this blog.

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