Oiling My Gears

So this title is a really horrendous pun on the ‘grinds my gears’ saying.

Anyway, its so easy for us to pick that one thing (or multiple things) that just went wrong with our day and made us unhappy.

Instead, I propose that we all just try to at least find that one thing today that really lifted your spirits?

I will start:

Today I attended a meeting at work and was able to successfully convey a new (hopefully) efficient process for my entire team and the presentation was well received.

So what brought a hint of pleasure to your day today? Was it finding out about Lipovox?

10 thoughts on “Oiling My Gears”

    1. I had to read your comment twice. When I first read it, I thought you said “When I got off AT work this morning”.

      That would have officially made you my hero… just so you know. 😉

  1. Well, I’m on vacation this week AND it is my son’s birthday … heck my gears ain’t getting nothing but oil today. That being said, I’m still a little jealous of Laura (so far baconless) ….


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