The Last Person On Earth

It’s the uncanny beginning to tons of horror and sci-fi movies, but I’ve always thought it was a neat idea. You’re the last person on earth. What do you do? The assumption is that everyone has just disappeared, and all possessions and places exist as they do now, subject only to their decay over time from unuse.

As I thought about it this morning it gradually evolved into more and more grandiose and neat plan.

Here’s what I’d do:

Spent the first day doing research on the Internet. I figure that assuming everyone disappeared yesterday many of the backbones and mainframes could still be operating and hosting websites, autonomously.

I’d research lockpicking, hotwiring, cloning, artificial insemination, general medicine, etc… I would print tons of information on these subjects.

The first task would be take every bit of food I had in my apartment and get it in a bag. I’m going to be on the move, and food in a post-apocalyptic world devoid of people is going to be difficult to find. Bag in hand, I’d hop in my car and head off in the general location of any hospitals or doctors offices I could find. I’d begin stocking up on painkillers, antibiotics, and surgical/medical tools.

Next, I’d head for head for the previously researched Artificial insemination clinics. I’d see if there were any eggs or semen stored up, and if they were still viable. If so, I’d try to make between 15 and 20 “new humans” to repopulate the earth. The next stops would be raiding grocery stores for any food that I could find, and storage for it. I’d stock up 2 or 3 years of food for 15 to 20 people, and attempt to clear land to begin a farm. While the children grew (9 months, at least) I’d research cloning and attempt to clone myself, in case the artificial insemination would not succeed.

I’d spend the rest of the time locating as much historical text as I could in preparation for the children’s future – explaining what had happened. And I’d found a city – Buckaham. From there, I’d hope to repopulate the Earth.

7 thoughts on “The Last Person On Earth”

  1. I have never bought the premise that somehow only one person is going to survive. The odds of an event or disease leaving just one person are so infinitesimally small that they are impossible to calculate.

    Having said that, Cormac McCarthy (he wrote No Country for Old Men) wrote a novel a couple of years ago called The Road, which paints a pretty bleak picture of what life would be like in a post-appocalyptic world. It is a good read if anyone is interested in such topics.

  2. I’m with you on the food and the meds….but just in case, I’d also stop by the local gun store and stock up on all the ‘heavy-duty’ shit, ya never know, may be mutants or some shit running around.

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