Permanent Method to Crack windows XP WGA

“Permanent Method to Crack WGA and Patch Windows XP (inc MCE) or 2003 as Genuine”

I figured that I might as well post this since I posted that Vista was cracked earlier this week.

There are a lot of cracks or patches or fixes that aims to bypass or skip Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation process, or trick the WGA validation results to be always genuine. However, these workarounds do not address the fundamental issue of the problem – that’s the product CD key or volume license key (VLK) registered in your copy of Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) and Windows Server 2003 is invalid or has been blocked or banned by Microsoft. The following ultimate WGA Patcher Permanent Kit with cracks and procedures all-in-one package will convert and transform the pirated Windows operating system into genuine and legitimate OS when validate by Microsoft’s WGA, by changing the serial number, product key or VLK of the Windows with a valid CD key, and when necessary, apply patch.

1) Run the Windows XP/2003 key generator (Windows XP Keygen.exe).

2) In the key generator, under the Product Family, select “Windows XP Pro. VLK”, and click the “Generate” button to generate a valid and genuine serial key for Windows XP (choose Windows Server 2003 VLK for Windows 2003).

3) Note down the product key or serial that is generated (can leave the program opens). The idea is to get VLK key that yet to be blocked or unknown to Microsoft.

4) Execute Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder (keyfinder.exe).

5) Once launched, Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder will display the existing Windows and Office product key in the system. Select “Microsoft Windows” tab (open by default), and click on Options menu, and then select “Change Windows Key”.

6) In the Change Microsoft Windows XP Key window, key in the product key or serial number generated from the keygen program in the boxes.

7) Click on Change button when done.

8.) Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder will use Microsoft’s WMI script to change the product key of Windows XP. Follow on screen instruction to continue.

9) Run wga-fix.exe program. Click on Yes button on the ‘wga-host-fix 0.1 window’ to redirect WGA authorization and validation request to loopback address ( Alternatively, open Command Prompt, and navigate to \Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ directory, edit the Hosts file, and add in the following entry to the end of the file:

10) Uninstall or delete any cracked or patched LegitControlCheck.dll, WgaTray.exe and WgaLogon.dll located in \Windows\System32 folder. You may also need to delete “Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool” located in C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\ folder.

11) Go to Windows (Microsoft) Updates or Microsoft Download Center to download updates or applications in which require validation. Install WGA Validation Tool ActiveX when prompted. (Note: If you’re having problem to validate Windows with MGADiag.exe in later process, skip step 10 and this step, or apply the patched LegitCheckControl.dll again, which means leave the patch and crack intact, not deleting any crack or patch, and install original WGA validation tool later. This especially true if you have LegitCheckControl.dll 1.5.723.1 with MGDIAG.exe 1.5.0717.0).

12) Run the Microsoft Microsoft Genuine Validation Diagnostic Tool (MGADiag.exe), and click on Continue button to proceed.

13) Click on OK when MGADiag finishes processing and displays your genuine status. The status should show GENUINE, and not NOT ACTIVATED.

Genuine Windows without keygen
You can simply start with step 9 (i.e. into your Hosts file) if VLK key of your Windows installation has PID within the range of -640 to -641 or any other volume license product key that is not blocked. You can try it anyway no matter what product key you used to see if it working with existing CD key without changing the key.

Note: This shortcut by using wga-fix.exe or manually editing the Hosts file should works out of the box immediately on Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) 2005 and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, and by luck on Windows XP Home, XP Professional and Windows 2003.

Final notes
After applying this trick or hack, Microsoft WGA Validation Tool will treat the Windows as genuine, as in you legally purchase and buy the Windows OS. Users can access to Windows Updates or Microsoft Updates, download WGA validation required software products from Microsoft Download Center such as as Windows Defender, WMP11, IE7, DirectX and etc, and also to install these programs with proper validation without any cracks. This hack or trick should works on Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE), and even Windows Server 2003, and users can pick any browsers they like, including IE6, IE7, Firefox, Netscape or web browser powerd by IE such as MSN Explorer or AOL Explorer.”

Now obviously I can give you a direct link to that file here…that could get me into some trouble. I will however tell you that you should be able to find the file by searching for WGA Permanent Patch Kit.

8 thoughts on “Permanent Method to Crack windows XP WGA”

    1. what a completely assholish and moronic statement! It’s precisely because of the sheer number of relevant hits from the hundreds of search engines that the question of which specific link to the specific file was asked. I’m so sick of idiots that like this that reply with such dumb responces to perfectly sound questions!

  1. Unfortunately, this crack does not appear to work with OEM versions of WinXP Pro. They “change” function in keygen returns an error. When you read the MS article that’s linked to keygen, you’ll see that the script will not work on OEM copies of windows.

  2. I tried this a long time ago and it really worked fine. Thanks!
    But does it still works with the new wga update from August 27?
    This time it looks serious…Even some legal copies can’t get past the genuine test.

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