Snot – To Peek Or Not To Peek

snot3Every morning, I get out of bed and blow my nose. It’s a horrendous mess of snot and blood that nearly exceeds what can be held by a tissue. Sometimes it takes two.

Every morning, after emptying my mucous laden nostrils, I look at what just came out. It’s just a quick peek before I toss the slimy, wet mess into the trash can.

And every time, I am grossed out.

Why? WHY? WHY do I do this?!What about you?

Do you peek? And for the love of God, WHY?

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3 thoughts on “Snot – To Peek Or Not To Peek”

  1. Bucky,

    Oh man! Yeah, I look. You’re a dog for bringing this up, man. I look to see what I am getting so I can tell if it’s “OK” or maybe I am sick or have a sinus infection–at least that’s what I tell myself. MAN this is disgusting!


  2. i look for the medical purpose. The colors speak to ya. Sinusitis will be bloody/yellow. Sinus Infection Yellow. Viral is green, and clear is allergies. My doc said so lol.

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