Snow, Cold, And Birthday Parties.

As if the 31 inches of snow that we got the weekend before Christmas wasn’t enough, Mother Nature and her distorted sense of humor decided to give us another 8 inches(+) over night last night. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. We are still under a winter storm warning until Sunday, and there is snow forecast nearly every day next week. “Oh what fun it is to” …. yea, whatever.

I like the winter because it gets dark early, and that is pretty much the only reason. The early dark means that the kids are ready for bed about 7pm and that gives Mommy and Daddy a few hours to not  be Mommy and Daddy. One of us is usually on the computer and one of us is playing the DS. Occasionally, we will watch a movie and have some ice cream to wind down. Those evening are nice. One of the kids usually wakes up before midnight and joins us in bed, but I don’t mind. The few hours to escape are usually all I need.

We are headed out for the neighbors birthday party today, deep snow and all. We’ve gotten pretty used to still being mobile in the snow. If we didn’t, we would hardly go anywhere. The cold, now that is a different story. It’s almost noon, and it’s 12°F. (For you Celsius people, that’s -11.) I used to be able to stand the cold when I was younger. Man, it didn’t matter how cold it was I was outside sledding, playing football, or wrestling in the snow. I’m surprised my fingers and toes never fell off.

As I got older I would build huge bonfires and have sledding parties. Friends all over the community would show up and much fun was had by all. It was nice to warm by the fire while sitting out in dark and conversing with friends. We usually did more talking than sledding on those late nights. Have you ever been to an after dark sledding party with a bonfire? Please tell me about it in the comments section below.

It’s just about time to start the truck and let it warm up for a half hour before we head out to the party, so I had better get to it.

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It's deep, very deep.
It’s deep, very deep.

One thought on “Snow, Cold, And Birthday Parties.”

  1. wow cant imagine a negative-double-digit cold!!! brrrr! the lowest i ever experience is i think around 12 degrees Celsius. and never have i played or seen snow…now im thinking, do i ever want to?!

    BTW, belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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