That Sweet Sensual Smell Of A Woman

perfume.jpgNot just any woman, mind you, but my wife in particular. She wears a certain perfume that really turns me on. This is a top secret perfume, and apparently a rare one. She only wears it on occasion, and she has never told me the name or manufacturer. What makes this such top secret info, I may never find out, but one thing is for sure…I absolutely love that smell!

I can smell her across the room when she wears it, and I am immediately drawn to her like a bee is drawn to a dew laced flower in the early morning twilight. My eyes focus on her, but I can’t quite stare, and I can’t quite turn away. My body moves toward her, and I can’t stop it. She evokes sensual thoughts with every blink of her eyes. The attraction scares me to death.

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