The 7-Ps Meme Seems To Have Exploded Around The Blogosphere

Due to the overwhelming attraction and dispersion of my 7-Ps blog meme, my technorati ranking seems to be growing steadily. The neat thing is, I never asked for backlinks to be recognized as the meme creator. I will take them though, and I appreciate the fact that everyone is doing it!

As of this post, my technorati blog authority has jumped up to 285. Here is the authority box with the code:

View blog authority

My technorati rank is currently 14,803. If the 7-Ps continue this move, I could break the top 10,000 like Technorati Boy did, and maybe even the top 5,000 like Mr. FiveK.

I never would have imagined that this would have spread so far and so quickly around the net. I am absolutely loving reading the 7-P posts that are continuing to show up in my incoming links directory.

If you haven’t been tagged, check out the 7-Ps blog meme and consider yourself tagged.

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