Things I’ve Learned Over The Past Few Days

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  • The opening ceremony for the Beijieng Olympics was absolutely stunning, especially in HD.
  • Michael Phelps is 75% dolphin, and I bet he gets some great hotel deals.
  • Israeli girls are hot.
  • A lot of these Olympians are in there early twenties or teens.
  • Now I fell like and old, semi-pervert.
  • Brazilian girls are hot.
  • Directv’s coverage of the Olympics is awesome. For those people with advanced boxes, it’s even better because there are several channels dedicated to nothing but the Olympics, and pushing the red button on your remote brings up an interactive Olympic guide that shows what events are coming up, what channels they are on, who has won what medals…etc. I used to have a vendetta against Directv, but after their amazing Masters coverage a few months back, and now this….. I think I am in love with them.
  • Enough about the Olympics, let’s move on.
  • Pinkster got her first haircut, now she looks like a boy with curly hair and painted toenails.
  • A bicycle that has been stored in a garage for over 10 years isn’t much of a bicycle when you get it out to ride it again.
  • When using super glue, be sure to wash your hands before you go to the bathroom, especially if you are male.
  • There is a bird in Africa called the Ox Pecker, and a coastal bird from South America called the Blue Footed Boobie.
  • Just when you think someone isn’t as much of an asshole as he used to be, he becomes twice the asshole that he ever was.
  • Are vegetarians allowed to eat animal crackers?
  • My family won’t always be there for me. (Unless I hit the lottery…even then it’s iffy.)
  • If you’re having self esteem issues, just go to a state fair. You’ll soon realize that your not so bad after all.

10 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned Over The Past Few Days”

  1. Well your right about the Olympics, this year it really showed a difference in HD. I watched the Euro 2008 in HD too, it was great. So far the Olympics are great too, looks like most of the people are watching it because it is in HD format. Bye bye old standard definition format the new age is here!

    Joey Martinis last blog post..Megan Fox Jennifer’s Body Poster!

  2. Personally, I think French girls are hot, and no, they do not have hairy legs and arm pits–at least not the younger ones.

    I once nailed myself to a window frame with a pneumatic nail gun–OOOUUCCCHHH!!!!!

    Do I know the person whose level as asininity is ever waxing and waning?

    Families in general are a fu–ing mess.

  3. Garrick – Hairy legs and pits are a major turnoff for me. Maybe that’s why I’m not gay. Well, that and I’m not a big fan of the penis, unless it’s my own.

    I nailed my thumb to a board with a pneumatic staple gun using 1-1/2″ staple. That didn’t hurt as bad as I expected, but the glue like coating that holds a rung of staples together causes a nasty infection that hurts like hell.

    Yes, you know the person I am speaking of. He lives on the same street I do. And, there is a fella at work that is really starting to piss me off.

  4. Yeah I am definitely not a fan of hairy women or men. Sometimes I wonder how in the world any woman could ever sleep with one of those REALLY REALLY HAIRY men.

    I just got lucky when I had my mishap with the nail gun. If it had been a 1/4 of an inch further to the right, I would have had a 16 penny nail through the bone in my thumb. Jennifer’s dad made me go to the doctor because he said that stuff they coat those nails with to make them slide through the gun couldn’t be good for you, but since the doctor didn’t know what it was he couldn’t prescribe anything.

    Speaking of the street you live on. Jennifer wants to know how that area every came to be known as Orient Hill. I told her I didn’t know, but I didn’t think it had anything to do with any people from Asia.

  5. I’ve often wondered how it was named that also, and to this day I have abso-fucking-lutely no idea.

    I do remember when we were up at Patsy’s one time, we were speaking with her father and he told us that Bingham Rd. was named that because the first people that settled up there were from Germany. Perhaps there were some Asians that lived close by also?

    I wouldn’t even know where to begin researching the towns history seeing as it’s unincorporated.

  6. I just don’t think there were every any people of Asian decent in that area. I had a couple of WV history classes in college, and I don’t recall there ever being a significant Asian population anywhere in WV.

    I have a friend who teaches WV History at Summers County High School, if she emails me I will ask her if she knows anything. I think my professor has retired and moved out of the state, so I wouldn’t know how to get ahold of him.

    The Greenbrier county historical society might know something, but being as it is located on the Western end of the county, they have probably never even heard of it.

    Jennifer’s dad found a bunch of information about Bingham on the internet when he was hunting places to go metal detecting.

  7. I wasn’t much of a fan of the blahlympics but this time around I have so many friends who are into it, I can’t avoid it. I wasn’t bored, so that’s something.

    whalls last blog post..I just saw one

  8. Michael Phelps is our first evolutionary step toward living as dolphins since dolphins are higher on the evolutionary chain that us hairless monkeys.

    And? I totally think vegetarians can eat animal crackers. As long as they aren’t topped with beef jerky.

  9. Whall – You have friends?

    CMG – Have you seen his feet? It’s no wonder the boy can swim so fast, he has a natural set of swim fins.

    Stephanie – I used to think so to… but I have changed.

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