This Is Why Trampolines Are Dangerous

Dangerous Trampoline

You should have some life insurance before climbing aboard this thing. Those antlers are as sharp as spikes, and they could easily pierce your skin. And seeing as what I like to call “common sense” warning labels are now placed on everything, I can already imagine this one. “Warning! Do not jump on trampoline while whitetail deer are underneath. Antlers may cause injury or death.”


18 thoughts on “This Is Why Trampolines Are Dangerous”

  1. lol, or a warning on the antlers: ‘Antlers may cause injury or death when deer is sitting under a trampoline’

  2. ROFL – this is flippin’ hillarious. What do you think they’re doing under there? Hahaha…. Anyways, in SA we don’t have deer :O

    I once saw a pic of Lions lying the shade of a small aeroplane’s wing – it was in the midday, and very hot, so they were just taking a nap in the shade… scary if you have to fly with the plane again!!!

  3. Obvious photoshop. At least 2 of them are does with antlers added in after the fact. Furthermore, please, inspect the shadows. Only one deer was taken at the same time as the pic of the trampoline. I’m not going to just call it fake, I’m going to ask you to look it over for yourself. 2 aren’t the same breed as the others, as you can see by their coloring. My co-worker and I had looked over a larger version of this image a couple months back, and we found many issues with the image. Also, you need to know about deer. There are always more does in the herd than bucks. If you have a herd full of bucks, you don’t have a herd, because there isn’t any does to pass on the genetic material.

  4. here are always more does in the herd than bucks. If you have a herd full of bucks, you don’t have a herd, because there isn’t any does to pass on the genetic material.

    Not necessarily. I always have been an avid hunter. Most of us West Virginians are. Throughout the spring, buck deer hang out together. The does group up and have their young. The bucks want nothing to do with that.

    Jump ahead to Autumn. The days are getting shorter, and the buck deer are shedding the velvet off of their antlers. They aren’t hanging out quite as much, but buck deer are still somewhat running together. Now, add a doe that just happened to come in heat a little earlier than the rest and BAM. A lot of buck deer hanging around her. The bucks haven’t became too territorial yet due to it being so early in the fall, so they will still tolerate each other.

    And as far as them not being the same breed…. pffft. Those are all obviously White-Tailed Deer.

  5. Fake or not, that photo is great…taking the trampoline net down and adding a ladder would make it interesting – they could get up onto the bed of the trampoline!

  6. @ Jon —

    “I have seen a lot of shops in my time…” FAIL. Do a little searching, you’ll see that there are several pictures from several angles. And the hunting forums (where they all seem to know a lot about deer) have several possible explanations for the grouping, as Bucky suggests.

  7. want to hear something inbeilevable?my daughter and i were sleeping on our trampoline one nite and a deer got stuck on our trampoline and tore the tramp all up before it found its way off and ran down the street we still are in shock and disbelief ourselves and of course no 0ne believes our story.

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